FMO banner ad The membership of the Equipment Focus Group consists of established companies, firms, partnerships and persons which are involved in the manufacture of optical instruments and machinery, and/or equipment and supplies, or importers and distributors of such items throughout the United Kingdom.

The objects for which the Equipment Focus Group is established are:

1.     To promote, protect and further the interests of the members of the focus group;

2.     To provide means for the exchange of views and to encourage agreement and co-operation between members of the Focus Group and between this Focus Group and other Trade Groups of the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians on matters of common interest;

3.     To watch over, propose, support or oppose any measures which may affect or tend to affect the trade interests of the members of the Focus Group as well as the actions of governments and other authorities, and to represent the needs and opinions of members to governments, other authorities and bodies generally upon any matters wherein the members have trade interests;

4.     To act jointly or in co-operation with other Trade Groups of the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians in furtherance of the objects of this Focus Group or the interests of the members;

5.     To do all such other things as may in the opinion of the Focus Group be incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects or the furtherance of the interests of the members.

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